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Order our on-line guestbook and allow your past guests to leave feedback for all to see. Visitors to your site can read all the accolades left by past visitors to your B&B or Vacation Rental. Our guestbook is advertiser free and customized to match your existing site.

When you place an order for the online guestbook, we take a look at your existing site and design the guestbook to reflect your web site. We can utilize your existing graphics, colors and navigation. The guestbook will look as much like your site as possible. You can see from the graphic on the right that the guestbook will show the five (5) latest comments. Once more than five comments are made, a new page will automatically be made. The guestbook will load quickly and offer.

Customized nline guestbook for your website

Each A comes with a LOGIN link located at the bottom of the guestbook. Click on the Login link to enter the management area of the guestbook. You decide the username and password so it is easy to remember.

online guestbook login screen

Once you click on the LOGIN link and sucessfully enter your username / password. You will see a screen where you can EDIT or Delete any comments left in the Guestbook. If, by chance, someone leaves a not too flattering comment it can be deleted. If someone leaves great comments but maybe the spelling or grammer is bad, it is easy for you to edit. Once you are complete simply click on the Logout link and the changes are made. You are then taken to the main guestbook screen.

Guestbook edit screen

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